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Thursday, April 22, 2010


dear blog,

i received a letter from Binary College today, telling me that i was selected to be one of the students there for May 2010 intake. of course i won't go because i had already applied for UITM in art & design course and i even went to an interview there. i'm waiting for the result right now.

Binary told me that i got a RM8000 scholarship. but you guys know that college is all about accounting and business study so why should i go there? i'm not offending, i'm telling why i should not go there, that's all.

oh, good luck to you, Jay. i hope you will win the Baskin Robbins contest. being in top three would be pretty much amazing. :)

p/s: happy earth day! ;)


  1. aku pun dapat, letak tepi je surat-surat tu.
    tunggu IPTA punya lagi 2 minggu! aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh