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Sunday, April 4, 2010


dear blog,

i went to Shah Alam last Friday. i missed my embah's 'kaw-kaw' fried veggies! yummy! :P the next day, Saturday, my family and i went to a mosque as we were invited from a friend of my dad to his son's wedding day.

i noticed people kept staring at us since we're not relatives of my dad's friend. we were invited friends, that's all but it felt uneasy to see everyone looked at us like that. i tried to capture some pictures of the bride and the groom but a photographer kept butted in in front of them to take proper pictures. of course, it was his job but i got blurry photos as the results so i won't post them here. ;)

everything went well and the sweet groom and bride were finally a married couple. later, we ate the food prepared. the desserts were damn delicious! chocolate muffin and orange cake.

during dinner, my embah cooked us special dishes. javanese style since she was a pure javanese. she spoke javanese with my mom. i could understand a little. my embah cooked 'ayam masak kicap' and 'sayur betik goreng'. oh, man, those were 'kaw-kaw'!!!!!

on Sunday, we went to Galeri Seni Shah Alam to attend the wedding ceremony. it was very lively but all of the people were families of the groom and bride except for us. but it's okay. xD

the theme was purple but i still could see other people wore different colour. i wore my wedges and it was freakin' hurt! not used to wear such things. by the way, i put make-up on my face. i hated make-up but i felt like i needed it.

after eating, i took some pictures.

that's all for today. i summarized three days in one page. ;)

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