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Friday, April 16, 2010

Without you

dear blog,

the title is my all-time favourite Korean boy group, 2PM's new single. today, the boys' company released the teaser and likewise, teaser shows better than the original track but i ain't saying the song is bad, i haven't heard it yet since the teaser shows a pair of hands playing the piano, no vocals coming out and it is very mysterious. the full version will be out on 19th and i can't wait! woohooo!!! hope it's a bombshell. xD

matrix result come out today for those who applied. i didn't apply for it. there's nothing i can find there to fullfill my dream(drama queen, sort of) xP

i only applied for UITM in art & design field. that's all. this early of May will the most intimidating moment for me and my other folks. hope we're selected. :)

p/s: happy birthday to Izzatul Farhanim and good luck to Matrix fellows

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