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Sunday, May 16, 2010

100th entry?

dear blog,

WTF? i've never realized it's already the 100th post this time. :)

okay, let's blog something that i did today with my family. as usual, every Sunday, my family would cook special menu for lunch. so today we cooked chicken rice. YUMMY! ;D

frying the special remedied chicken...

wanna know the secret to spice up the 'sambal' for chicken rice? yeah, you can see that sunquick....oh, yeah....put that into the 'sambal'....hehe....try it at home...:)

there.....a full set of chicken's finger licking GOOD!!!! :D

before doing lunch, we went out to buy some dorm needs for me. i bought bathroom needs first. the else maybe next time.

but i wanna tell you guys. not long ago, i discovered a tiny, cute and pretty jug at a restaurant. then, i found that it was sold at Mydin nearby. i had been dreaming about buying one. and today, luckily, yeah! only one left at Mydin and i was the lucky buyer!

i had been smiling all the way home. :)

that jug made my day. hehe! :)

oh, and the way, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY TO THE WORLD! thank you for teaching me since kindergarten until this minute where i'll be stepping into a new world. :)

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