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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


dear blog,

just ignore the title. it doesn't make sense with this entry. :P

okay, i just wanna blog about my lover, Kim Junsu of 2PM. i've figured out his new twitpic last three days.

damn, he's HOT! finally, he manages to show off his chocolate abs. since his debut, he never showed his abs but the other members did frequently for marketing. but i'm glad he realizes that he's actually one of the hottest guys on earth. hehe....:) it makes me look a lot like a pervert. :D (credit to Kim Junsu of 2PM)

anyway, i've just found out about two youtubers that left comments on my youtube account last two weeks and four days ago.

00xboxgirl00 (2 weeks ago)
Thank you for posting part 1 & 2 of the infinity girls episode can you please post up the other parts/..Your quality is much better than the other users one<3
Thank you alottt!

fadhil2502 (4 days ago)
Hi...thanks for the subbing that you have done... Two thumbs up!!!

i haven't checked my account for almost a month. i did uploaded some videos especially Korean videos that got to do with 2PM. it's a variety show called Infinity Girls. i just made two parts. the others, man, it's so hard to do it. i mean, the subbing part. i'll try to see what i can do since there are supporters. keep on subscribing, guys! :)

actually, i already had a youtube account in 2008 until early of this year which youtube deleted my account due to impropriate copyright. well, hello! i'd wrote the credits. i was very popular with my Japanese videos and received almost 200 subscribers and 300000 viewers in total. damn! so i make a new one.

hmm....about other topic...oh, yeah! i've deleted my friendster account. no such luck. i used to be very active back then in that social network site but facebook seems to attract me more. and i have no more activities ir friends on friendster so i deleted it. simple.

i'm thinking of deleting my myspace too but i'll see.

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