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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back to school again

dear blog,

i went to school again to settle some documents for university registration. even though the date i will be going is this 26th of June, it's better to make everything complete before rushing to the last minute, right?

i bumped into Safar and Izzul, my classmates. they were there too to check their names to enter form six. later, i met with my art teacher to give her back my last year assignment. she congratulated me.

next, i headed to the office. lucky me, my other pals were there, settling their documents too so i joined. most of them were getting ready to enter matrics this saturday. so little time, right? i still got plenty of time to live to the fullest at home. hehe....:)

the HEM teacher was a bit shocked and glad to know that i got to enter UITM in art & design. xD

then i saw both Safar and Izzul again. they brought me to meet our Engineering Drawing teacher. the teacher promised us who got A for the subject to give us rm10. :)

but my dad told me, it's better for me as a student to give the teacher something valuable since he had struggled to get each one of his students an A. so i decided to buy a gift for him before this July.

after that, i dropped by at a cyber cafe to print out my offer letters and other forms. that's all for today. it's nothing much. huhu.....

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  1. ko settle dokumen ape lagi Aini?

    aku kena masuk ujung bulan ni.