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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The 'COOLEST' mother's day

dear blog,

it's May 9, guys! happy mother's day! xD

my family and i went to buy breakfast and my dad drove us to Port Dickson/PD this morning. too bad, the weather didn't seem to like us today but we just headed there for fun. the wind started to blow and it was raining cats and dogs.

we arrived there. it was so hard to see the sea or any building around the area since the rain fogged them all and water level seemed to increase seconds by seconds. my dad found an open-air restaurant but there were no people there because probably it's a night restaurant.

we ate our breakfast at a table and tried our best to stand the strong wind mixed with rain. the rain kept splashing at us and we were soaked in water as if we had just jumped into the sea. :)

silly me!

water started to rise. it may flood the restaurant in no time.

it was damn cold. we shivered. xD we needed to stay in the car for almost an hour until the rain began to thin.

this was taken along the way back from PD. the streets were flooded.

we finally arrived home in the afternoon. later in the late evening, we cooked 'Mee sizzling'. yummy! :)

p/s: the celebration for mother's day today was not normal like other people used to have. the scenery and the situation with bad weather accompanied us during the celebration but it was a wonderful time ever. we had fun, we laughed, we sacrified ourselves through the roaring day. and it was an unforgettable mother's day that no one else can do like us did.



  1. fuiyoo, PD pun hujan lebat gak ek,

    by the way, past tense for rise is rose

  2. wei, kan aku ade letak 'to' sebelum perkataan 'rise', present tense ler...hehe...:)

  3. we judge one's work by its content not grammar. anyway for a kampong girl like you and being just after form 5, i would say that your english is better than some local grads. keep on writing girl...