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Friday, May 28, 2010


dear blog,

there was a place built for people to exercise but mostly kids made it as a playground. the equipments were very great and unique. it was as if you went to the gym but you got to play at this park without any penny. :)

we dropped by at that park after having breakfast at a nearby restaurant. so, we ended up wearing jeans while exercise. but actually, we were playing, not exercising. :D

i hate it when my little bro did that face whenever he was snapped by the camera.


my dream car would have this huge steering! xD

kau tengah tumbuk lada ke Laila? (ooppss!!!)

p/s: well done to all asasians who got home today to rest from the stressful yet torturing week...:)


  1. salam...tuan tanah..nk komen sket...lgu pd blog nie blh jgn bt auto play blh x???taste manusie berbeze...:-p

  2. jawapan kpd soalan......TAK BOLEH! :D