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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fish stealer!!!

dear blog,

argghhhh!!!!!!!! a random cat had just sneaked into the kitchen and stole a fish! a cooked fish! IKAN MASAK KICAP pulak tu!!!!!! (sorry) :(

actually, it was my fault. just 10%, okay. i walked out to the backyard to do the laundry through the kitchen backdoor this morning. i closed the gate just enough not to let any cat get in but i didn't lock it.

so after doing the laundry, i walked to the front and get into the house through the front door. and i forgot 100% about the loose gate.

after minutes later, i heard a clicking sound coming from the kitchen. i rushed there and saw a f**k cat biting a fish from the plate and ran away as soon as i chased it. damn it!!!!

that dish was my favourite and i'd been imagining sitting in front of the tv in the afternoon while eating lunch with that fish cooked by my mom but that damn cat ruined it all! there were about eight fishes in the same plate. for safety and health concern, my dad told me to throw those away. i was sooooo dissapointed in myself and that cat.

i grabbed a broom and waited at the backyard, seeing the cat coming from the next door, acting like nothing happen. my anger rose when it came near me. so, you gotta do what you gotta do.

i did my first golf swing at him. he ran away and hid under the car. i slided and swung the broom underneath and he ran away again. i chased him around the backyard, screaming like an idiot. and finally, the cat went back to the next door.

i hate that cat. really, really hate that cat with all my heart. i'm gonna make sure that fish stealer won't be around at the backyard. AGAIN! :D

p/s: i won't be playing with stray cats....EVER!!!! :(