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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Greyson Chance is the next Justin Bieber?

dear blog,

as you guys know about the most famous teenage star on earth right now is Justin Bieber, right? okay, he's 16 this year and everything works for him after the youtube thing. but when someone has risen into stardom, there'll always be the next generation catching up.

Greyson Chance is the name. he's an American, aged 13. such a young boy, isn't it? okay, Greyson is famous also rooted from youtube. he makes a cover of Lady Gaga's Papparazzi. it's very nice and you know what? he has a big, strong voice a boy should have but as for his age, it's rare. he's only 13, still shorter than me XP but he has a big and harsh voice.

unlike Justin, a 16 year-old boy who still has that before puberty kind of voice.

Greyson uses piano as his medium in pursuing his singing career. he doesn't dance. probably he'll be a soul or r&b singer while Justin in his dancing and singing field. :)

very talented. i don't know how will he look like or sound like when he grows up? we wouldnever know what will a child be in the future. :D

besides, the main point i spot about the similarity between Greyson and Justin is that, whenever they are interviewed, both of them will tilt their heads or their hair to the right. Justin does that and Greyson does it too. it's kind of annoying, i don't know.

i think a haircut would do to make Greyson appears more attractive just like Justin. :)

p/s: man, it's precisely a month left before the university registration!

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