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Monday, May 31, 2010


dear blog,

my, my, my.....i thought my little sis had finished her science fair at her school so i totally forgot about that. but just now, she came to me while i was onlining, asking me to help her surf the net to find any science project.

what?! i surfed and surfed and surfed but all i could find is for presentation. something like floating egg or colour the ball to look like a sun and hang it along with other planet balls to form a solar system.

but she told me those were for presentations. the thing she wanted was for real contest. the 'reka cipta' thing. haish! i surfed the net again and all i could find was that damn presentation. nothing else!

i blurted at her to quit from that contest but she refused. okay, you do it your way, girl. don't get me involve. it's a no-no! :P

my dad brought us home a whole set of 'otak-otak' all the way from Kuantan, my favourite state! i had been living there for almost 6-7 years and moved to Negeri Sembilan right after that until now. he went back there for work and bought 'otak-otak'. man, it's been like ages! :D

finally, KBS World channel went back to its normal broadcast schedule. before this, a month, the schedule was a mess and my must-see shows, Music Bank, Invincible Youth, Star Golden Bell, Entertainment Weekly and etc were sometimes dissapeared. a boring drama took over.

i was worried it would last until i register but thank goodness, it went back to normal today. :)

p/s: 26 days to 26/6....

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