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Friday, May 21, 2010

Let's play games! :D

dear blog,

congrats to those who'll register to enter universities tomorrow all around Malaysia. i'm sure the others who will register next on 26/6 are so jealous and eager. they keep on whining about how boring they can get while waiting for the date to come.

okay, if you guys are one of that type right now and if you happen to drop by this entry, i would like to promote this game. maybe some of you know about this but let the beginners feel the start of something new. :)

Turbo Subs is a hell game. it's called turbo, a game that will make you sweat and hurt your hand. it gives you eye-popping kind of reaction in every second and i'm happy to tell you that this definite time management game would not dissapoint you. if it does, that means you give up. if you like it, it means you're someone who loves challenges. THAT'S ME! :D


this game is called Doggie Dash, under the same company of diner dash. it's a time management game too. i give it 10/10! :D


while this one is a caregiving game. it's a very tough game too. :)


this game is my first favourite game since the first time i found the website for online games. you'll need to farm, just like the one from Facebook called Farmville. but i like this one. it's better, i think.

try to download them. there are tons of other game after you find the above....:D try it. it's fun!

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