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Sunday, May 2, 2010


dear blog,

is the title spelled correctly? whatever....xP

okay, i bet there're lots of thing to blog for today. firstly, i ate western food for breakfast. it's a homemade one and it's finger-licking good!!!

my family always try to cook food that's available outside such as western, yong tau fu, traditional delicacies and etc. something that people usually eat outside because they don't know how to cook. but it's different for us. we cook it. ^-^ homemade dishes taste better.

next, we did our outdoor activities. as usual, sweeping dead leaves around the house. while doing so, i found a beautiful lost flower.

but then it broke down when i accidentally swept dead leaves at its area. poor flower. hehe...

after having lunch, my big bro who's studying at Wisconsin in USA asked us to skype with him. it's been a while since our last chat.

he won't be coming home after final so he asked each one of us about presents. he would give me an original Adidas sweater from there for my birthday. for my big sis, he'll be giving her a camera while the others, he considered to buy us the university's merchandises. meanwhile, for my parents, he wanna purchase great branded wallets. :)

and, um....i got Perak for art & design course. that's very far from where i'm living. i thought i was going to get Melaka but who cares, right? at least i got it. am i gonna live there?

i need to bring my laptop anyway so that i wouldn't need to call for emergency to get back and take it. plus, i have to settle everything to register earlier so i won't get a bit rushy at the last minute.

i'll tell you more later about those things next time. i'm tired. wanna go to sleep. hehe...

p/s: well done everyone! xD


  1. owh congrats for your upu result..i got asasi tesl.visit my blog okay :P....thankies!

  2. hello. im a teslian too. kuantan campus. visit my blog too eh?