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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

dear blog,

sorry. the title has got nothing to do with this entry. i'm running out of idea to set up a title if the entry is not something that is specific so i would put something like that. :) yeah, i know i'm silly.

it's been a while since i posted my last artwork. today i got something to show you guys. it's a new thing. xD

hope you guys like it. obviously this drawing has already existed last year but i'm too lazy to finish. so, today i made it. it's too simple.

okay, next topic is.....about my friend. she's living in the same neighbourhood. she applied for the same university and same course as mine but unfortunately, she's sent to Machang, Kelantan. and there's another pal of mine got the same campus there so here i am, alone-wannabe in Perak.

i just wish that i have at least one person i know from here that get the same campus as mine so that we can go home together by bus. or even feeling a bit safe to know that you still have a friend that you know who study at where you are. but, nothing works for me.

perhaps this thing happens got something hidden behind it. maybe it told me to find new friends and try to be independent. okay, i try.

by the way, my dad bought me another seven series of my favourite English novels entitled Sweet Valley University. it's fulled with great series and the plot is well planned. i like the writer's style in writing. :)

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