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Friday, May 7, 2010

Okie Dokie! Cook, cook, cookies!

dear blog,

i was a bit overwhelmed when my junior informed me about tomorrow's 'Hari Anugerah Cemerlang Sekolah' (uh....can't remember that title in english! hehe...xP) i thought only for those who got 6As and above could go upstage but the junior said 5As students included. :)

so, let's see tomorrow. hehe....

i went out to the supermarket with my family to buy ingredients for dinner. we're making pasta! besides, we also bought other ingredients to make 'Kek Batik', yummy!

these're some of the ingredients to make tuna pasta.

and after we mixed those, it became like these. :)

time to eat! xD

oh, don't forget! pour some olive oil....there you are....bon appetite!


after dinner, we made 'Kek Batik'. we used Marie Biscuits, cocoa powder, sugar, butter and etc....

butter + sugar......we melted them.

hey, do it nicely.....

you can see my little bro was upset that he got the waist apron instead of the full-length one that was worn by my little sis.

so i ended up switching those so they won't catch a fight. there, an oh-yeah-i-finally-get-this-apron smile was guys were nuts! xD

okay, we didn't even use those spatulas....

we had a wonderful time together today....:)

oh, and the way, i bought a magazine today. actually i thought i was gonna be a big fan of this only Malaysian magazine that tells you everything about K-pop, J-pop and T-pop but i'm a bit dissapointed with the language since the staffs are all chinese. i can tell that by reading the texts. i'm not offending but to tell you the truth, it's better in English. i know chinese people are good in english. but if it's not english, you use Malay. okay, that's great and it's an honour but please do consider to even take malay people to work at language department. ONE MALAYSIA, remember? :D

this magazine is genuinely new and it has made its debut last november, i think. it's fun to read and etc, but another point that i make myself trying not to buy is because there's no news or articles about my freakin' HOT and SEXY with great acrobatic-based genre boy band, 2PM!!!!

they even make spelling error. So Nyuh Shi Dae/Girl's Generation is South Korea's number one girl group that has various nicknames such as SNSD or Soshi. but this magazine spells Sosi....:(

okay, you guys must be thinking that if i nag about this magazine so much that it doesn't satisfy my desire then you shouldn't be pulling out your penny to buy it. that's what you think, right?

obviously, i try to support this newborn magazine so that's why i critic. criticsm makes a person better. i tend to buy this one just because Gempak is not out yet.

let me try emailing those staffs about my complaints. i see what i can do....:)


  1. Assalamualaikum,

    hoo, now i noe ur results already!

    the XA! hehe

    anyway, good luck for your journey as a UiTM students!

  2. huh? hehe...anyway, thanks! xD

  3. hello there.hee

    mind if i speak in malay ?

    i da beli this mag snce first edition ag.for me,they're improving.

    just give them some time to improve.hee.

    i've already sent them lots of mail regarding this typo n kpop's update

    so,mereke sdg improve.just stick with them to notice the diff^^