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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sad ending

dear blog,

i was a bit sad and dissapointed today. i had lost the contest i entered on facebook. it was a drawing contest held by a group named Malaysia Anime World Artworks. i had blogged about it last week and uploaded my artwork.

i did not even win any top 20 or top made me feel so down, knowing that digital drawings conquered the places. and traditional artworks could make it only a few. even though the first place won by a traditional artwork but it was black and white.

everyone was not satisfied with the group's way of organising the contest. very amateurish. the creator should make two categories like the coloured artworks and black and white artworks. then, it's fair.

but this contest was in a mixed category and it was a mess actually. people could not consider why the drawings with no colour or even black shading won the top 20. there's a drawing that showed only one line been used. no varities in there. it was lame.

i was a bit pissed off actually because i thought i could at least win the top 20. okay, i may sound a bit childish and jealous but it wasn't only me, other people felt the same way and even left comments regarding the improper way of judging the artworks.

the group was new. and this was its first contest. probably the creator didn't know much about holding a contest but please, make it more fair next time.

anyway, i'll try harder next time once i know how to use adobe photoshop. or if i improve my traditional way of drawing, i'll try to make one with an explosive feel to it. :)


  1. semua foto dalam group tu, adalah contestant?

  2. anne, don't enter such competition anymore. it demoralises you more than motivates you. the judges are unprofessional and some maybe don't even know how to sketch. they may choose their friends only. enter the ones that organise by corporate body such as pnb, esso or shell or any kind. even if you dont secure any place but at least you feel the challenge worth while.

  3. to tirah watif: bukan semua tu contestant....ade 50 lebih yg masuk...

  4. to anonymous: thnks...and i will...:)

  5. the organiser should make known the judges just like any reality shows. then we know the standard of the competition. are they lecturers or art teachers or practising artists. if they are simply anyone of the facebook fans that just "syok sendiri" then forget it. they are simply time waster. you and anyone else with big talents should avoid them at all cost.