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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shopping day

dear blog,

my family and i cooked homemade LAKSAM. damn, it's soooo delicious!!!! sorry, no picture of it since i was so delighted with the taste and i forgot about taking any of it. :)

after eating laksam for breakfast, i ate jackfruit. minutes later, i felt my stomach ached and my chest hurt. like 'masuk angin' something like that. i told my mom about it and yeah, it was the jackfruit's fault. i was in full moon and i ate jackfruit. it brought a total sickness to my chest and stomach. my mom reminded me to not to eat any jackfruit during menstruation or during pregnant. oh...okay.

then, after Zohor prayer, we headed to Giant. i bought a t-shirt and undies. but during the shopping, i was not feeling very well. just like the one i had for two days before. anyway, we just kept on walking and i had to stand the pain.

walked, walked, walked, until the last store, a shoe store. my mom wanted to buy high heels. i found a chair and sat. urrghhh! my body hurt like hell and i needed to bend down. i was jealous at my other siblings who willing to browse other shoes or even stand up the whole time. but me? i couldn't.

then, my sis found a pair of high heels costed for only RM1o under the clearance stock area. she took me there as she saw kids sneakers with colourful patterns. i hunched all the way there and looked. yeah! i liked it! only for RM10!!!!

so, i tried the shoes and it fit. so, i bought it. :D it's from Korea.

okay, it's for kids but even though i had reached 18, my shoe size's 4. hehe...abnormal. i can wear it to class! woohooo!!! :D

next, we went to Mydin to buy my bath needs. later, we went to a shop to buy my clothes.

when we reached home and gathered together in front of the tv while checking the things we bought, i was a bit shocked with the costs. i never knew my things would cost that much.




i will study hard starting the first class and i'll try to impress you both. :D

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