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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shopping part two

dear blog,

nothing much to say for today. i went to shop for my night pants, pillow's cover and new set of 'telekung'. then i packed my things.

oh, man! there were too many things to bring. i needed to bring my AD things too. laptop's bag will come on board. but anyway, it's fine. i'll be there for the first two months before Hari Raya. the campus was far away from where i was living so perhaps bringing many and extra things would save me.

i don't want to burden my parents to come to my campus after orientation just to give me the things that i don't bring or forgot or i need it in emergency.

i think i won't bring my new sneakers. let's just wear the old one first and then after Hari Raya, i'll bring new shoes. :P

big news! some people told the others on UITM Sri Iskandar's facebook fan page that (salinan i.c, surat tawaran, salinan surat beranak, slip spm, surat berhenti sekolah, n etc.) that would be needed only one copy, was told to make five copies and needed to be signed.

another task is not complete yet. and i would need to go to school again.......:(

p/s: good luck to all matricians and asasians, study hard.

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