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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


dear blog,

i'd been absented for two days from writing blog. yeah, i was an active blogger for now but i had to leave from writing because i wasn't feeling very well.

it started on Monday night. i felt my body ached from head to toe. i couldn't get up or walk properly but i insisted to perform every prayer. i ate panadol soluble before going to bed. and i can't sleep well since my head was spinning everytime i tried to close my eyes.

while laying in bed, i kept frowning, standing the pain of the aching joints of every part of my body. it's true. if you were me, you'll know it. :(

so, i didn't do my usual schedule at night; onlining until 3am.

the next morning, Tuesday, i woke up and was hoping to feel better but nothing seems to work. my body broke down. plus, my big eating habit weakened last two days. but on Tuesday, i went to settle my bank things. like paying the university fees, signing up a new account at Bank Islam and went to buy pin number from BSN.

as i arrived home, i felt like throwing up. but i held it and rested. it became worse as the day darkened into night. i felt weaker than yesterday.

but thank God, i was okay today. it's just, there's a little back aching, that's all. i can jump around, screaming like i always do, opening the fridge every 10 minutes, and continue to online....hehe....:D

while typing this entry, my back was still hurt and my head spun a bit. waiting for tomorrow to bring me a miracle.


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  1. risau je aku, macam chikungunya pun ada, denggi pun ade, alhamdulillah kau dah sembuh..