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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Traditional artwork or digital artwork is the best?

dear blog,

i had submitted my latest artwork to a facebook fanpage named Malaysia Anime World Club for a contest. it's a traditional art, made by my own hands. i meant handmade like using pencil colour and watercolour.

i didn't know 100% on how to use adobe photoshop like other facebook users. they can draw and know how to use that software. it lightened their works just like the colour of the animes out there.

i had been observing the tutorials from other users through video and screenshots but still can't. so i ended up using manual way, colouring with pencil colour and watercolour. it's an old way actually. people now mostly use software. me? hehe....the old and dull set of pencil colour since i was 14 but still can be used.

i don't know if i can win that contest. by seeing other artworks by other users, they're good in digital drawing. let's see who wins. traditional or digital artworks...hehe....:)

firstly, i coloured the skins.

then, i used yellow, light green and dark green for the curly, medusa-like hair.

next, i used Faber Castell pencil colour that can turn into watercolour for the shirt.

for the flower print, i coloured it with red and made red dots.

red and a little bit of pink element for the skirt.

fire-orange colour for the eyes....:)

next, i darkened the eyeliner and the eyebrows.

i imagined the character was using make-up so i put light blue as her eyeshadow.

not to miss pink for the lips. :D

to make things attractive, i put white dots using watercolour at the flowers.

lastly, i used yellow and brown watercolour for the background. using fingers was one of the ways to make a drawing seems unique. besides, i sprinkled white colour using a brush at the skirt and yellow for the hair.

ta-da! i edited the contrass of the colour as if to darken it. that's all. nothing else. the others were 99% handmade. judge it, please. :)

i bought a pair of desired crocs slippers!!!! my dad paid for me!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, BABAH!!!!! xD i can wear that to go to my class at UITM later....:)

during dinner, my dad cooked crab soup with soft tofu. :) yummy!

p/s: a low quality of step-by-step drawing....hehe


  1. i love your artwork. it looks great ! love it. hee =) wish you gudluck. :D

  2. lawa nye~!!!
    insyaAllah,, ur traditional artwork will beat the digital one.. ehehe

  3. to linda: thank you soooo much!:)

    to farah ada: thanks! harp2 menang...:)

    to awal: tima kasih, awal! :D