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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trying not to waste

dear blog,

silly me! silly, silly, silly me!

from the previous posts and lots of status updated on facebook about how bored i was during these months of holiday, i was truly upset about myself.

actually, i have tons of anime that i haven't watch yet. besides, i have to write my novel since it got stuck in the middle. next, i got lots of new novels to read. and, i still have to draw some artworks and comic to post on facebook, Gempakstarz fanpage.

it's just that, i'm a bit lazy nowadays. i wake up late and i'll online until evening while watching, none of my favourite activities mentioned above were done neatly.

i miss my old days. especially when i was 15. that year and that age were the greatest for the time being. i was a random teenage girl who loved to draw 24/7, obsessed with animes and mangas, influenced in writing stories by pen. a girl that would do anything to lighten her passion in those hobbies. i even saved my money to buy comics and other stuffs to complete my drawing sets. i saved money to buy anime too. :)

sometimes i would wake up early just to do some research on how to draw comic. plus, i will not postpone the deadline to submit my schoolworks because every seconds is valuable and after that, i would spend the left over hours just to draw or watch anime. to me, when i was 15, a day worthed everything. i never got tired.

but now, because of SPM last year, i've stopped watching animes to focus on study. i would draw when i want to. but i still read comics whenever i get the chance to buy one.

so, i got plenty of time before coming into university world, i would like not to waste the time. i try to get the passion back. i try to do so.....:)


  1. aku plak tinggal beberapa minggu je lagi..

  2. Ah, the energy and commitment towards our passion seemed stronger during our younger days. Don't fret! There should come a time for a major

    Actually, one of the ways to grab back that passion is to be committed on a project especially if it's with another friend. You should try it! Good luck! =)