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Monday, May 10, 2010


dear blog,

on May 8, at night, i asked other fans on youtube about Kim Junsu's any official website of himself. and someone answered yes. WTF? the fan told me that the only website that we can get in touch with him was twitter. eyes danced and my heart thumped even faster while signing up to that website. and i quickly added him. man, to be honest, he WAS using twitter as himself. not somekind of a fake fan who pretended to be him. this was himself!!!! OMG!!!!

besides, he began to use twitter on May 6. just three days before my discovery! xD

he had just updated his status about his sprained knee after performing on Music Bank a day before that. he uploaded a picture of his left hand with a strap written his name and probably the hospital name too. (that's the picture above) credit to Kim Junsu of 2PM.

sometimes he used english and sometimes he used hangul. so i can only understand some of his status but mostly he wrote in english since he knew 2PM had many foreign fans. his english was not that bad either. it's american style of english. every fan knew that he was the smartest and studious member out of 2PM and last two years, he got a scholarship for a whole semester based on his good results in university in South Korea.

by the way, Nickhun, the most popular member of 2PM also had a twitter account. he uploaded a picture of himself along with Junsu wearing shades in a van while in LA. they looked gorgeous and very americanish. so, i added Nichkun. (that's the picture above) credit to Nickhun. :)

i also added Nicole from Kara, Kevin and Alex from U-kiss, Jokwon and Changmin from 2AM. i thought it was going to be hard to connect with them but thank goodness, they can speak english very well. very educated entertainers. it's not a waste addicting over K-pop singers since they're good in english too. :)

obviously, i never knew K-pop singers can actually speak in english because as far as i concern, Asian singers were hardly found connecting with fans using english as the medium. and thanks to the technology, real singers can keep in touch with fans. :D

but i was a bit dissapointed. :( even though i can get to know about their status through twitter but they seemed too busy and they will only chat with someone they know well. it's rare to find them doing the ask-answer thing with fans. so, i can only read their status. but it's better than never, right?

this picture was taken in LA around early of May. he had lost so many weight after he undergone a surgery because of rhinitis last year and he looked much skinnier in this picture. he uploaded it on twitter and received tons of love comment from fans including me. love your pants, Junsu! hehe...xP (that's the picture above) credit to Kim Junsu of 2PM.

so, to those who love 2PM, you can follow Junsu and other K-pop singers on twitter...i can only put some links... (Kim Junsu of 2PM) (Nicole of Kara) (Nichkun of 2PM)

actually there are more links of other singers but i just put three. to twitters out there, if you happen to drop by this entry and if you're a K-pop addict, you may follow this link and add other singers through the links. :)

p/s: good luck to those who registered for matrics today. do your best. :) okay, imma go to sleep now. sweet dream about my Junsu....hehe....pervert me! xD


  1. i ♥ 2PM ! hee great entry. i love it. junsu is very hot indeed. :))

  2. you got it! haha! xD

  3. hehe.i discovered junsu's twitter right away after khun's tweet.LOL

    just keep spamming their wall with your day,they'll reply your tweet

    trust me

    khun had replied my tweet once.