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Saturday, May 1, 2010

University life is rising

dear blog,

alhamdulillah!!!!! xD

i got UITM for art & design course. i checked the result 10 minutes after 12 a.m today and when it said i made it, i kept quiet. it's a damn great news but i didn't know the place or which campus i would register so that's why i didn't tell my family the seconds i knew about the result but my big sis knew it when she opened her facebook account. i had already written my status on my facebook and she saw it then she asked me. i just nodded.

well, thankfully, i got what i'd been waiting for. probably the offer letter will be shown this 3rd of May. :)

this year, i can guess that students are really into computer science course. there are tons of them who applied for that and even been selected.

some people are dying about choosing which one they should pick. it is matrix or ipta? those students that got matrix AND ipta, they couldn't choose which. so they asked others.

and the other people answered that they should go to matrix so that they can shorten their life spend there. i mean, they don't need to suffer studying in matrix since it's only a year. people are mistaken and misunderstanding about the effect after that.

they just think about a year of study is great and it's fast while ipta offers three years something like that. but hey, are you going to study or dealing about your age?

we need to study no matter how long it takes. experience is something that you're chasing for during university life especially while having your first year ever. don't think about how many years you're going to spend.

the longer you study, the best person you're going to be. i know i'm being some kind of a jerk telling you guys about what is what even though i'm still a vulnerable girl who is going to be a university student less in another 2 months for the first time. i'm a newbie but i think what's best for me and others. (now what am i talking about?)

p/s: congrats to those who got to further study. hope all the best from you guys. :)

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