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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Additional ideas

dear blog,

recently, i was watching a Korean drama entitled 'Three Dads and One Mom'. it was released in 2008 and 8tv broadcasted the series back this year. i happened to watch the second episode and i was addicted after several episodes.

somehow, the drama gave me more ideas for me to keep writing my all time favourite novel, 'Love Between Cheesecake'

it's a simple portrait or cover for the novel....:) i used old drawings.

it's been a month and a half when i stopped writing this story. it didn't mean i quit. i was just resting from writing and went back to drawing. after watching that, the ideas came back and i thought i should continue to write it back. :D

the story still got a long way to go. oh, how i missed it. :)

i was wondering if i could still pursue the story while studying at uinversity soon.

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