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Friday, June 25, 2010


dear blog,

hehe....yeah, finally. i'll be going to be a colleague tomorrow. everything is complete and right now, i'm staying at my grandma's house in Shah Alam. i'm off to Perak early in the morning.

actually, i am less excited but more nervous for the time being. when the D-day keeps coming, i don't feel like it. just like when i checked my UPU result last may. i was selected but i did not jump, i neither cheered nor smiled. i did not know why. and now the D-day is tomorrow, and that feeling comes back to me.

oh, well, i hope everything goes smooth for tomorrow. hehe....this thing is a whole new world to me. no more onlining till late night, no more sleeping till 10 am, no more eating my mama-chops-papa-grills food. no more watching tv especially KBS channel, no more playing around and no more etc that i used to do likewise during the last 6 months of jobless.

this will be my last entry for now. i'll be posting more about what happens during the orientation a week later. :)

these are pictures drawn by my two little sis and bro before i go tomorrow.

drawn by little sis

drawn by little bro (gotta miss him so much!) :(

okay, that's all for now. time to sleep. :D wish me luck!

p/s: i'm afraid that homesick syndrome will haunt me during the first day onward....

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