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Saturday, June 12, 2010

All in one (rojak)

dear blog,

for this post, there'll be no specific title and content. just a post with mixed writings. :)

okay, it is soccer fever right now. the whole world is watching any match live from South Africa. lucky to them, they get all the attention a country would dream.

um....put that aside first. there's nothing much i wanna say about soccer. it's not my passion. i'm a girl so no soccer for me. nada! :P anyway, it's only exactly two weeks until my university registration. i'm very anxious right now!

yeah, people must be thinking that 1992-ers like me right now are desperate to get back into a whole new world. we've reached the maximum rate of boredorm after becoming an ex-student so feeling anxiety and delighted to be in school life is normal.

most people can't wait including me. i know that once i step into the university, i cannot expect to play during study. i cannot mess my GPA. i cannot run away from submitting assignments. i cannot be a lazy dork.

the truth is, i like to be busy. i mean, i like tight schedules. it makes me feel like i have something to do even in a short time. i like rushing toward places. it seems kind of weird but i love to be a busy person. i want to fill every second of my 24/7 with things to do.

i wonder....what will a hostel life be? or in precise, what will a university life be? i wanna figure it out starting this 26/6...:)

p/s: wish me luck! xD