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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family Outing

dear blog,

5th of June 2010

Alhamdulillah! it was a very nice Saturday for a family outing. early in the morning, we packed our things with excitement. my little sis and bro were ready in their swimming wear. our cousins will join us so both of them were so delighted. they didn't even help us with the packing instead, they went back and forth in the house, planning on what to play when cousins meet cousins. :)

as we arrived, my dad quickly ran to the entrance of Tekala River to book a port. our regular port was empty as usual so we put our things there. but later, my dad found a good place. a gazebo-like port. i grabbed something and paced there.

was booking the place by not leaving the seat. :)

my dad started the fire for barbeque part. the weather was so happy to meet us and i was glad my last night pray paid. i kept on praying to Allah to let the weather be nice for us to go for a picnic. :)

was starting the fire

chickens were the first meal to be barbequed. later, my aunt and her family came. they brought a lot of snacks and drinks. :D

Portugese special sauce coated chickens


mini hotdogs

yeah, yeah, yeah! i know you're happy!

what kind of smile was that?

my big sis and i joined the kids to a better spot to swim. we had such a great time there, ignoring the coldness of the water. i didn't know how to actually swim so i just bent my knees on the ground of the river and smiled to everyone while my big sis made backward paddle.

my cousin was pushing her little sis. so cute! xD

it's my big sis's turn. little Dina needed to be taken care really well

they were having cool slurping of the drinks

from left : Dina (cousin), Amry (my little bro), Dini (cousin), Laila (my little sis), Ayu (cousin)

with my big sis

with me! hehe!

everything went well. we ate lots and lots of food. the best food that i ate that day was the squid. yummy!!!!! :P

my dad was cutting the raw squid with marinated homemade special sauce.

delicious! in the picture above, the squids formed nice smell after been smoked.

people who entered the place darted their eyes at us as they strode toward their respective places because our port was the first visible port and it was very near to the entrance. besides, perhaps my dad was the first person to start the barbeque event. as the smoke from our barbeque set floated to the air, other smoke from other families' began to follow our track. haha! :)

after swimming. gotta change quick! :)

The Camera Lady


you can see the red circle, right? that kid was not our family member. maybe he couldn't control his 'pelampung' (can't remember that word in English) then he accidentally got in the same lense with us. when i turned around, he was shocked, i was shocked! then, i laughed like hell. the lost boy joined the laughter.

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