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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, sis!

dear blog,

my family and i celebrated my big sis's birthday today but it wasn't the actual date. her birthday will be on 27th of this June but despite that a day before that, i'll be leaving for Perak so everyone decided to gather earlier.
she'll turn 22. no picture of her since we were too overwhelmed with McDonald's Big Mac. :)

besides, we sat upstairs to watch FIFA World Cup. it's Japan vs Dutch. Dutch won.

anyway, U-KISS, one of the rising boy band in Korea held a fanmeeting in Malaysia today. so sad, i never got myself involved in this kind of activity....huhuhuhu....:(

this was taken at Sunway Lagoon yesterday. the girl was a radio DJ here. perhaps....Hits FM? i dunno....

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