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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paranormal II

dear blog,

7th of June 2010

i had a sudden wake up. i looked at my cellphone's clock.

2:40 a.m

it was 2.40 in the morning. the thing that made me woke up was a bunch of wild dogs' barks. turning to my right, seeing my both big and little sis were sleeping soundly, i went back to bed.

but i couldn't. the dogs kept barking in front of my house. the room we were sleeping in was almost near to the front gate. i was beginning to get annoyed with those noisy pigs. my parents were sleeping in a room near to us, so i felt safe and went back to sleep.

again, the dogs didn't stop barking. they just....wouldn't stop!

and they sounded very fierce and mad. it seemed like they were going to rip something or jump into our front yard. but i shut my eyes, trying to ignore the noise.

the barking thing lasted for almost half an hour. i didn't even sleep during that time.

suddenly, something happened. i smelled pandan leaf. the smell became strong after a few seconds. it was as if a pandan leaf was put under my nose at that time.

i was thinking nervously that 'something' was there. something paranormal was there. like that 'thing' was walking around me or standing next to me or even just walked by the room. you know right? about when pandan leaf could be sniffed or 'kemanyan' something like that told you about a ghost was around.

i looked around stiffly using my eyes, without moving my head. i was the only one who was awake. and the smell of the pandan leaf was so strong. the dogs kept on barking.

i couldn't recite any surah or pray. all i could think of was to stay still. and i did.

alhamdulillah, the smell faded away and after that precise moment, the dogs stopped. really, really, 100% stopped from barking.

p/s: i knew a ghost was there

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  1. berkemungkinan besar itu adalah musang,

    ada musang yang mengeluarkan bau seperti pandan,

    pada pendapat aku, musang itu mungkin panjat bumbung dan anjing menyalak padanya.