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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


dear blog,

alhamdulillah, finally i could meet with my ex-classmates. Anneykaio organised the reunion for today at around 5 pm at a bistro. there were about twelve people came and it was bloody fantastic! :D

we ordered drinks first and talked and talked. one by one came later. a friend of mine too from the same class came from her college nearby to join. most of us were waiting for the date of the registration. :)

the boys talked among them while the girls did the same. our tables were the loudest in the bistro. can you imagine? almost 5 months, no face-to-face meeting so it was a huge uproar. we talked about what will happen in university life. two friends whom were already in college, they gave us some advises.

later, we decided to eat. Izzah called a waiter and he came with a menu but his face was in a shock or afraid. Izzah yelled at him, "Ala...janganlah nangis!"

then, the waiter sniggered. we cracked up laughing.

i ordered Roti Telur

the boys

the girls and a lost a boy

peace!!!! :D

Ajeed (in orange) was giving advises...:) she even bought me a yogurt drink. thank you!

p/s: i hope everyone can do their best to pursue their dreams and careers.

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