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Friday, June 18, 2010


dear blog,

i am damn lazy since i've started being a 'penganggur' for almost 6 months. it's a very long holiday so it makes me feel so lazy to draw. i only draw for certain time. like, um, one artwork per month. it's sad and worries me a lot about losing the talent. LOL!

but suddenly, today, my right hand urges me to draw. and i've done it. i've made three simple artworks in about 10 minutes or so. marker is the only medium i'm using. :)

this one is done in only 5 minutes using fully marker

this one is done in about 3-4 minutes using the same medium

this one is done straight without any sketches. i use marker too. it only takes 2 minutes.

there! how's it? :)

i've uploaded these three into my facebook account and many users like them and leave some comments. two users that i barely know click on the 'like' button on all of my artworks! :D thank you so much!

i check my emails through Gmail. my, my, my! there are 2478 messages! O_O

then, i've found someone who loves to write just like i do. we share our interest and it does satisfy me.

i want to thank my right hand for telling me to draw today. love you right hand!!!! xD actually, some of the users miss my drawings and i'm back. :) enjoy the artworks.

i would like to improve more because i think the rate i'm in right now isn't good enough. and i'm very anxious to start a whole new world on the next Saturday. i hope those future days will make me a better person.

p/s: uh....7 days more to go