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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


dear blog,

actually, i got nothing to say for this entry. i was having cramps since yesterday so there was no post for yesterday one. that cramps kept killing me today from morning until the minute i punched this keyboard. :)

okay, yesterday, my friend and i went to school to settle some documents to register UITM this Saturday. then, i rested as soon as i arrived home.

obviously, i got nothing to do these days. while other people were working their butts off in handling the to-do list things to register this Saturday, i just sat on the couch, watching tv and listening to music. i had packed my things, and i had arranged my documents. everything was settled earlier so i was bored.

my pals kept texting me about the preparations at this last minute. i felt sorry for them to busy themselves in these few days while i was having my 24/7 in front of tv. yeah, but what do i wanna say? i had done completely everything. i wasn't boasting. i was telling about my preparations for this Saturday.

i hope things will work out like they should this Saturday. :)

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