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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'Cilok' time!

dear blog,

i was currently surfing the net at a cc nearby my campus. it took around 20 minutes from my hostel to here by feet.

actually, i wanted to buy my art things again for the next project. i was here alone while my other roommates went for classes. in my room, i was the only one that would be left alone as i reached there since my schedule was totally 'off-tune' with my other three mates. i went to class at 8 am, headed back to the room at almost noon, and the three musketeers were preparing themselves to rush for the next classes. me? i would go out to buy lunch with my course friend who just lived next to us and we would sit in my room and ate together. later, we would take a short nap peacefully. i set my alarm clock to wake up back and proceed with my assignments.

talking about assignments, this two weeks were killing me! especially last week. wanna know what happened last week?

okay, here goes.

for BEL 120 (English), i needed to prepare for public speaking, do the homework and do the essay.

for FND 101 (Visual search drawing), i was given the first project. i needed to design any decorations on 10 B3 sized papers. then, i needed to cut them into ordered sizes. then, i needed to make 2 cut and paste from those papers into A4 sized. later, i needed to redraw back the two already designed papers with chinese ink on 2 B3 sized papers again. next, those i-don't-know-how-many papers needed to be pasted into hang-down style of folio.

for VCL 105 (art history), i needed to search for information about prehistory of art. the lecturer wanted to ask during class for marks.

for long-period assignments, there were CTU (Pendidikan Islam), my group and i would need to prepare a folio of 20 pages of essays about given title.

for BEL 120 again, my group and i needed to prepare a sketch. like a short drama. the presentation date will be around early of August.

there, all these assignments and projects in one hectic, right? :(

i broke down from poor mental and physical abilities for the mean time. my body hurt and my legs were numb from rushing there and there to print the assignments and rush to class. doing the assignments until 2 am and there was a class at 8 am waiting for you was just too much but i didn't blame the schedule or the lecturers (even though sometimes i did) because that's how university life was, right?

for this week, i'll be doing my second project for FND 101 and FND 100. other assignments were coming to attack me from time to time. by the way, (wtf) about this weekend, there'll be a campus activity for part one students. oh, man! how am i gonna do my work? and it'll be too tiring! arrrrgggghhhh!!!!! help me!

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