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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ipoh mali!

dear blog,

my roommate and i went to Ipoh today. i was actually accompanying her to Jaya Jusco to buy shoes. i had something to buy too for my drawing equipments. we headed to mini post station to settle things there. later, we stopped by at mamak restaurant to fetch quick breakfast.

then, we waited for a bus. we got a bus straight to Ipoh. the journey was so exhausting, swaying and etc. i almost fell asleep but i stayed awake to experience the ride.

there was a place called Menglembu. if you guys knew about 'kacang menglembu cap tangan', yupe! there was groundnuts statue in the middle of the roundabout. haha!

finally, we reached Ipoh. we ran to Medan Kid to switch buses to head for Jaya Jusco.

Thank goodness, we reached Jusco safely. i helped my friend to find shoes for her but we failed at first. so, i strode away to buy my things. later, we went the other floor. i found an area that sold shoes with discounts. we made our minds and finally bought shoes there. i didn't plan to buy shoes but there was a pair of attractive wedges cost for only RM20! :D

after we settled everything with our shopping, it's just our luck that a bus to UITM Sri Iskandar was waiting outside of the mall. we're damn happy!

i went to a store nearby the UITM's front entrance to print my assignment. my friend went to make her grocery shopping.

but the weather darken. it's raining cats and dogs. we ran to UITM's bus stop and waited there for almost an hour despite that we forgot to bring our umbrellas. after tired of waiting, we finally decided to rush to our hostel.

we were soaked in wet and my art stationeries were almost destroyed by the rain but still can be used.

the day was kind of tortured both of us. but i learned so many things for someone who had just been here for three weeks. i was so tired but i strengthened myself to do my assignment. i slept at around 2 am....zzzzzzz

p/s: assignments....huhu....:(

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