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Friday, July 30, 2010

Rush week 2nd

dear blog,

note: this blog was written on Friday (30th of July 2010). ignore the date this blog was published. the reason why was because the writer couldn't online at night. since this blog publish the latest post at night automatically, so, despite that the writer couldn't surf the net at night, she let the date be yesterday's.

finally, i can surf the net in relax. this week had given me so much tension. it made my back hurt so bad, and my legs were numb after sitting for hours doing the assignments. by the way, i had eye bags. they're darker this time.

okay, i had so many assignments and art projects that needed to be submitted all in one week. the datelines were so close. everything had to be settled in one week. arrrggghhhh!!!!!!

after i came back from Teluk Batek for the team building, the next day, i had to attend morning class. i was so tired. then i had public speaking. i was not feeling very well so my presentation was not that good and i was sad.

when i reached my room, i took a short nap and woke up back to finish my visual search drawing project until late night. the next day, i attended a morning class again. i submitted my work and continue with other project.

next, after class, i went to surf the net to search for informations that was asked by my art history lecturer. later, i went to attend 'koko' and i needed to be the leader for that day. so tired again. at night, i prepared a presentation with my friend.

the next day, Wednesday, i continued my art project and went to classes until almost 7 pm. then, i did my art project again until 5 am.

on Thursday, i proceeded with my art project that needed to be submitted at night. i kept on doing it right after Subuh until 3 pm something like that. then i was able to go out from my room and buy brunch. i didn't eat from early in the morning until evening.

later, i went to class but the lecturer wasn't there so i went home early. i took a short nap for like an hour. then woke up back to prepare myself for night studio. the studio session started at 8 pm until almost in the middle of the night. as soon as i reached my room, i grabbed my pillow, put it onto the floor and lied there. my bed and my desk were flooded with my things that i couldn't clean despite that i didn't have time to do so.

on Friday, the class was in the morning too. haish! tired, tired, tired, TIRED!!!!!

after class, i went to settle other things. thank God, there was no class this evening because my other classmates went 'balik kampung'. majority. so, i sat here in the cafeteria, surfing the net as long as i could because there'll be no electricity tomorrow.

so, i had a rush week again. and it was very.....very....i dunno. my back still hurt.

i lacked sleeps for the time being so i was thinking to rest this weekend but no can do. i'd so many art projects that needed to be submitted next week! oh, no!!!!!!!


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