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Friday, July 23, 2010

Rush week!

dear blog,

since last week plus current time, these days had made me believe that i was in a reality. what happened through the whole week had caused me to be very disciplined, independent, tough and confident.

back to last Tuesday. a new project came right after the first one. the whole class needed to draw selected insects into demanded order by the lecturer. it was so hard and torturing.

during 'kokurikulum' time, i was selected to be a temporary commander for next week lesson. what the?! i didn't know how to shout or give orders because i never did that. all i knew were the basics and followed the leader but this time, i had to be the leader. huarggghhh!!!!

next, for VCL 128, i needed to prepare a presentation based on the first topic. there were two people in a group. okay, that's another assignment. :(

besides, likewise, VCL 105, the lecturer asked us to make more research about the history of three paintings. yup, that's another one.

for FND 100, another project was trying to kill me. i had to draw 160 squares. hands free! wtf! and i was about to cry when my first project was signed as fail. i needed to correct it back but i knew i wouldn't have time for that since other assignments were waiting for me to finish them.

team building. okay, team building for fine art and ceramic students this Saturday and Sunday. what about my assignments????!!! i had no time for these!!!!!

p/s: the writer is currently in ICU....

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