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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Team Building 2010 : Teluk Batek!

dear blog,

there was an activity organised by my faculty, Faculty of Art & Design called Team Building for students of part one. only fine art and ceramic students were chosen. i was kind of....half happy and half unhappy because i was hardly thinking about my assignments.

but things worked out the other way. we had so much fun these two days.

our flag and logo....very simple but it had the hidden meaning.....RAWLISM!


we went to Malaysia Japan Video Art Exchange at UITM Perak's old hall. there were four Japanese video artist came to promote their works by using video as the medium. quite interesting.

camp fire, guys! great!

the next day, on Sunday, the team building thing was held at Teluk Batek. yeah, RAWLISM!!!!

i was making my sand sculpture....

tired + happy face....

good job, guys!

this was a dragon made by other team. they won this section. very interesting.....

another team built a mermaid(?).

this was ours. the rope-like thing told about our hometowns. about where we're from. but one day, we went to the same road with so many circumstances, obstacles and etc. but we finally met each other and constructed a group named RAWLISM!

a boat made by a team next to ours.

i dunno what this meant. doughnuts?


we were building our floating sculpture.

after struggling over the whole day, i finally made it home. i didn't eat rice because i don't want to. i just bought a burger with black pepper sauce. yummy!

okay, these were my unwashed clothes for three days despite that my time was packed with activities and assignments.

Extra (what happened during last week)

there was a day(i don't remember) that i didn't have time to make sure my place is clean...after a hectic day, i came back to my room at almost night, there, beautiful scenery of my place....

i was so hungry one night while doing my assignments. but thank God, there were two seniors came to sell 'oblong'. it was like a hotdog but better. it tasted fantastic!:D

i wore this vintage-like blouse to studio one day and while i was walking to class with my friend, everyone darted their eyes at me. some of them even tried to pretend that they're not peeking at me but i knew they were. 'aku cucuk mata ko kang!' :(

second project came right after the next one. so damn tired!!!!

while stressing about works and other problems, i had to attend a hostel meeting at night. exhaustion hit me!

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