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Monday, July 5, 2010

Torture week

dear blog,

finally, i'm able to online and update my blog.

the first thing i wanted to say is that, the day starting from June 26 until July 2nd, it's a week filled with physically abused and mentally tortured. my legs hurt and my emotions wilted. i was a normal girl since birth until the first day i stepped into a whole new world.

and that new world was damn challenging! i didn't have the mood to jot down the experiences i had through the whole week but i would tell you guys about how i felt.

i thought i was strong, but i didn't. i cried whenever i missed my family back home. the life in hostel and being in campus in overall was kind of sucks for the first week. i may need time to adapt myself in this whole situation.

i was culture shocked. new friends and new environments. first time living with other three persons called roommates. it was.....okay.....but i was still not comfortable with that. i would just lead myself and survive this semester.

last Sunday, alhamdulillah, my family came to visit me all the way from Negeri Sembilan. i was touched. i cried the moment i ate my mom and dad's cook. oh, man! i was speechless! it was so obvious that no one else can beat my parents' food. :D

i talked and asked tons of thing to them and they told me everything. i cried and cried.

i was hoping to stay here until the end of semester comfortably. i'll try. if i couldn't, i cried. but those tears would make me feel stronger. i bet.

you wanna know what? since i was here, Perak, i love my family especially both my parents. I LOVE THEM MORE THAN EVER!!!!!!!

before this, i was a disobedient teenage girl living with her family since birth. sometimes i didn't do what they say, sometimes i was mad at them.

but now, i know Allah S.W.T wants to show me about the importance of family and parents.


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