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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tik tok, it's Hari Raya! :D

dear blog,

It's Hari Raya, it's Hari Raya, it's HARI RAYA!!!!!!!!

i felt so gay right after i woke up from my beauty sleep. the kids were already awake, jumping all the way. they were so delighted to wear their new Hari Raya costumes. the morning breeze gave out cool weather and smoothened everyone's heart to celeberate the day.

'Takbir Raya' made me sad. i was so thankful for the day.

thank goodness, this year, all of my family can perform Hari Raya solah. we were so happy to join the throng of people to the mosque. at last, i can do the solah. perhaps i can too next year. :)

we went to I-city located in Shah Alam right after when we arrived at my other grandma's house. we called her 'embah' since my mother came from Javanese family. she wasn't in house so we headed to I-city. the place was filled with beautiful electrical things such as trees, animals and etc. so we took a couple of pictures. :D

he's way too happy when i took this picture of him. :)

a Nasyid group....hehe

my beloved parents....;D

this's my family picture for this year's Hari Raya. my big bro wasn't in the picture since he was still studying in Madison. maybe he'll join us next year.

ta-da! my 'baju raya'!

at the I-City.


wow! so tall!

eh? so tiny?


T-rex! arrrggghhhh!!!!!

my little bro's favourite animal. a horse.

we're catching flamingos!

omg! run away! save your life! we're being chased by giant grasshoppers!!!

what's with that face?

mandarin that right?

so cute! :D

p/s: that's all for today. :) have a good day....;D

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