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Thursday, October 14, 2010


dear blog,

it was my last drawing class today. :D

thank goodness, my class didn't have to combine anymore with the other three since it was the final day. luckily, i woke at around 4 am to finish my drawing and my lecturer was satisfied with my work.

ta-da! my drawing! it's called 'dukung'. :)

actually, i needed to make two drawings but i could finish only one. after this, for the second drawing, my lecturer suggested me to draw a mechanical thing such as the motorbike's inner things or even the car. very challenging.

later, we went to a talk show about a famous sculptor. he was more into weapons and mystical sculpturing. plus, his works were the best. he made the steel sculptures by his own hands! he had made his own exhibition once and was very successful. he showed a video of him doing sketches for his project. he did it with a pen! not pencil! arrrggghhhhh!!!!!


  1. who was it? the famous sculpturist? (is is right, sculpturist? hahaha)

    I interested anything about weapons, if it about ancient weapon, I love it! please comment on my chatbox to reply Aini, I really looking for it.