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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fuh! My luck....

dear blog,

luckily, my lecturer said, it was okay to change to other idea since she claimed that it was hard the one that chose. i took a deep breath and let it out in relax. so, i continued with my paperwork. i ordered another 8 for the materials to pursue with my work.

while i was doing my work, one of classmate came to me and tell me a gossip. hehe....

about a girl in other class who combined with my class for drawing subject every thursday. her arts were the best and to me, she was already like a pro.

but the truth was, that girl envied with my class. but when she came to watch my pals doing their works(they lived nearby) she gave a sly look and my classmate said, she didn't say anything or comment instead, she kept quiet, stared at my friends and left.

the girl also did say to my friends that she envied our class because she craved for competition. in her class, she was the only one who rose because no one other than her did his or her best to compete with her.

but she saw a strong competition between each other by observing my class. yes, that was true, i had to admit. in my class, we always did our best to be the best every lectures. we compete and compete and compete. lastly, we improved a lot and learn more.

so, that was why, the girl liked our class. she was jealous everytime the other lecturers praised my class because my class was the best among the four classes. and when the best works were chosen to be displayed in front of the class, 8 out of 10, were from our class. :D

the girl wanted a competition. she admitted that she would like to join my class some other time. my friends froze.

i shook my head immediately after hearing about the joining. my classmate told me that the girl would end up being the best for every project and we, end up being the loser. and i bet, that girl will feel so high up when she did that.


the three musketeers. they always stick together no matter where they go like true brothers. :D

p/s: they love to wear bizarre attires to class....O_O

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