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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just my luck!

dear blog,

i had light breakfast before going to the class this morning. when i had arrived with my friend at the faculty, the lecturer was not around yet and the class that we were supposed to be there is locked.

so, we waited outside. suddenly, another lecturer called us to come upstairs. we were confused but just followed him upstairs.

we came into a class filled with other students too. and there were many lecturers in there. we joined them in puzzle. obviously, they were holding a 'gotong-royong' event. it was for the assessment days next week so the classes must be clean for the display.

after everything was done, i had a sudden stomach pain. PERIOD pain. urrghhh!!!! i hated period pain. it limited everything that you wanted to do.

so, i bent down on my knees. it hurt me so much.

later, i had to go to my English lecturer's room with my classmate who lost my book. when i had accepted the book, i rushed for the staff's ladies and threw up. oh, my, God! my back hurt! my stomach hurt more! i felt like crying that time but i held it in.

i walked out and sat at a corner and cupped my face into my both folded arms. just then, a caring hand patted on my head. i looked up slowly.

it was my English lecturer, a madam. she asked me if i was okay. she was so worried. i could tell it by looking at her face. she quickly and took me to her car and drove me back to my hostel.

i thanked her many times and she just smiled. while in bed, i gave her a message, telling her that i appreciated her care so much.

she replied, saying that she enjoyed helping her students. :)

thank you, madam.

at night, i went to the dining hall to buy food with my neighbour. while waiting for our orders to be cooked, i saw my dream guy. hehe....

he wore my favourite shirt. i mean, the shirt that he was wearing, i had seen that when i first saw him before going home for hari raya. his body was very tough and well-masculine. his mohawk hairstyle highlighted his sharp jaws and he didn't wear glasses.

he wore glasses actually but this time, he didn't. and his eyes were pretty. my neighbour knew him. she said, he was in the same part as mine, but different faculty. he took office management. sad.

by the way, his hostel was very near to my hostel. hehe.....*gatal!*

but he didn't know me. of course he didn't. :)

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