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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh, man!

dear blog,

i attended my hostel's activities today. all that i did with my other mates were just cleaning around our hostel and at the nearby small field. then, we went back to our rooms and cleaned them. later, we had sports day just for us such as netball and 'futsal'. i didn't play because i was not that good in sports.

i went to the uphill of the field to browse the stalls organized by the Business Management Faculty. they sold things like food, bicycles, things and etc....they also had 'wau!' :D

i went to see my class's meeting at the evening. we just talked and talked and i was wondering, they stole my time....:( they decided to go for a trip to Pulau Pangkor during the first day of study week to release tension.

i sent my netbook to an event held by the computer science faculty. they formatted my netbook and even cleaned it. everything for just RM8....:)

at night, my roommate and i went to an event by interior design department. it was so boring.......:P

all together, i got 4 stickers today to add into my collections. hope that i will get a place in the hostel for the next semester....:D

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