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Thursday, October 7, 2010


dear blog,

today was very hectic and my head hurt a lot. i attended a drawing class this early morning with a tired face since i stayed up late at night as usual to finish the drawing for today's class. likewise, the four classes including my class had to gather at a studio and paste our drawings on the wall. nature and man made.

then, we went to a cafe to have breakfast. after 30 minutes of eating, chatting and laughing, we headed back to the studio. we were a bit late and the head lecturer were already mad. thank goodness, we made it. he told us to be punctual and he minus 5 marks for each one of us including the other classes. we were sad. but i told myself, the lecturer was right. it's our fault for not being punctual. being an art and design student, it doesn't mean that you could just construct your own time and be late. an artist still needed to show his or her quality.

later, everyone settled down on the floor. the head lecturer began his speech and browsed through the drawings pasted on the walls. there was a student, female from other class that got the best talent ever. her drawing was so detailed and perfect. she was better than me. there was a huge gap between her and me from every aspects in drawing.

next, the head lecturer with another lecturer strode around the studio and picked the best drawings and pasted on a white board in front of the hall. and, alhamdulillah, my drawings were picked! yay! :D

this was done by me.....:)

another one....hehe....

they even called the owner of the drawings one by one. 8 people were called including me. *kembang hidung*

we stood in front of everyone like crazy. i smiled while looking at the floor, thinking about how far i had gone. it's a new journey to me. :) what am i talking about? *slap*

okay, then we took our drawings back, went to our own studio and began for the next task. we needed to draw another two drawings and submit them next week. omg!

could you imagine that the assignments that i have to settle this ONE week before study week? here's the list, babe!

- draw 30 ideas of semi-abstract and abstract for sculpturing including the steps
- do 2 mock-ups
- do 1 final. a very big one
- study for 2nd test or VCL128
- present short drama for BEL120
- do 2 drawings of nature and man made
- final assessments

can you guys do all these in just one week? can you? can you? CAN YOU?????!!!!!!! O_O

as always, i will lack of sleeps, not eating well, hurting my back and legs......i was already used to all these disorders.

and.....this was the result of having those....i slept in the class. but the lecturer didn't mind. it was a drawing can do whatever you want, right? :D


  1. giler aku rindu ko.....meja ko sama ngan meja aku...huhu....aku ada studio hari isnin ngan aku wat hari2 ada studio...haha...sayang btul aku kat studio....aku harap dpat jumpa ko....aku nak tunjuk hasil kerja aku