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Friday, October 22, 2010


dear blog,

i focused back on my art project today. i made my second mock-up. it was very hard, complicated and made you feel like shouting. but i was very patient during the process. alhamdulillah, i had completed the mock-up.

i went to buy lunch alone since my other roommates and neighbours were busy. after eating, i took a nap. but it wasn't a nap. it was a long sleep. kekekekeh!

later, i took a shower. i got a message from my lecturer right after that. she said, if i wanted to show my progression of the art project, she welcomed it but be punctual. i quickly dressed up and rushed to the faculty with empty stomach. :(

everything went well. good. my lecturer liked my work.

on my way home, i bought a packet of instant noodles for late dinner.

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