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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Plain Weekends

dear blog,

i did some revision since last Friday night until this moment. CTU test is the first paper. the test will be held on this Wednesday.

it's a migraine-wannabe disease to me as i needed to focus on studies AND art projects. plural!!!!!

the date to attend the tests and submit the projects are so close! three days straight! :( i thought i was going to break down but i told myself to bare with it. that's the life an art & design student will go through. there's no running away unless you quit.

it's a fool to quit during this peak. it is.

alhamdulillah, i had finished revising the first book of CTU. it's time for the second one but perhaps, tomorrow morning? i still need to finish up my drawing.

i kept shaking my head as i saw my subject matter. i chose to draw a car engine. CAR ENGINE?! yup, i just did. and right now, i just needed to do the cross-hatching. actually, my lecturer told everyone to draw something that is challenging such as mechanical things. motor plug or engine or whatever that's very complicated to draw.

i hope i can my best to draw the engine...:) wish me luck, guys!

p/s: need to remind myself to buy a red pen

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