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Friday, October 15, 2010

Serve you right!

dear blog,

i was pissed off with my classmate's attitude. it was a guy. he lost my English textbook and it's only a week before final! :(

he said he was sorry. i had asked for that book for the past two weeks but he hadn't make any urge to actually find my book! all he did was telling me that he forgot the person he lent the book and he kept on saying sorry to me. he offered to give me money. i refused. he wanted to give me his book. sorry, no thanks. i didn't want his book for sure.

he thought i would accept his book as the replacement. it was a bit unfair to me. he borrowed my book without me at the place in person. and, he gave it back through a person and without me in front of him. such an immature and an irresponsible guy i had ever met!

i told my lecturer about this. she offered to buy that book for me by using that guy's money. she gave him 5 days to search back for my book. if he didn't, he needed to call the lecturer so that she can buy the book.

sorry to say this but this case wasn't personal. and i wanted him to learn. he thought he could bully me with every-guy-ego-thing attitude. but, i could not just let him go. i spoke out. it didn't affect anything at him at first. so, i rose my voice at him, until the whole class could hear. even the lecturer supported me.

he felt so ashamed and apologized during other time in secret. now you know, do not play with a girl who loves books.


  1. clap! clap! clap!

    dont mess with anyone who loves books,
    you go girl!