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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thank you, Grandpa!

dear blog,

i woke up this morning, feeling so.....annoyed since my project hadn't finished yet. so, i took a light breakfast and began with my project without taking a shower. haha!

the project covered about sculpturing. i needed to form two objects of semi-abstract and abstract based on my ideas. it was damn hard, my dear!

the material that i had to use leaves a big amount of dust and other trash. damn it! :(

i was so frustrated. my roommates and my neighbour came out to see me. it was already lunch time so they invited to eat together outside campus. i agreed since i was stressed with that thingy. suddenly, i thought of KFC. hehe....yup, my mates agreed to eat KFC. yay!

i thought we won't be out for hours but we did. because the buses didn't cooperate. huhu....

later at night, i continued to do my work, but it left a pain in my heart. so, i rushed into my room and slept. i didn't answer my roommates' questions.

they told me the next day that i 'mengigau'.

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