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Sunday, October 3, 2010


dear blog,

i woke up in the morning with my back hurting me. looked like yesterday's events had totally wasted my time. and my energy. assignments were waiting for me.

i took a little of my time to surf the internet to search for materials to apply into my assignments. but it was hard to find it. so i opened Youtube. and how happy i was to watch the video. the line quite good. :)

then, i went to have breakfast with my pals. i ate 'kueh tiaw goreng'....

a friend of mine was sick since yesterday. she went to a dinner yesterday as a photographer but ended up being sick during the journey and off the dinner. she was still sick today and we were very worried.

she refused to go to the clinic. we tried our best to make her see a doctor but she kept on saying no. serve you right....

okay, that's all for now. got a lot of work to do...ta-ta!

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