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Monday, November 22, 2010

Brilliant ideas(part one)

dear blog,

after i watched movies and dramas, now i can actually think of the next chapter for my novel. it's totally hard when i stayed in campus before this, there's no tv, the internet line sucks, and etc. i couldn't think of my hobbies.

at home right now, i can finally explore more and activate my mind that is full with fantasies since i love everything about art such as drawing, writing, composing, and reading.

some of my pals did ask me about how do i get all those ideas to write novel. i have plenty of homemade novels, sort of. hehe....:) it's just that, i dislike writing short stories. i like drama, so, i like to make a story a bit more complicated and dramatic until it becomes a novel.

obviously, i always get the ideas mostly by watching Korean and Japanese dramas. they are the best in composing unique and interesting story lines. people would never get bored and the characters are well-arranged and the connection between each one of them seems very professional. :)

so, i would grab a notebook and start to jot down the story line that i make up by myself straight away. then, i would go for the characters. later, all you need is the introduction and then the story will continue. that's how 'Love Between Cheesecake' novel is created.

usually, i will become obsess with some of the actors from the drama. as the result, as i write the male character as the hero, i will remember the actor's handsome face. meanwhile, i act myself as the female character. so, every time i write the story, i feel satisfied as if i am in the story with my crush. the story becomes more attractive if you imagine it like that.

that's how i develop the characters' attitudes and backgrounds.

sometimes, the ideas emerge as i listen to my favourite songs. every song has its own story so just by studying the lyrics and the music, i can construct my novel right after that.

besides, reading is important too. you need a reference to start your own, right?

my main genre in writing is romance. there's no other than that. because to me, love is a very common and popular subject that manipulates every person's life. love conveys everything. so i am more into romance writing.

Dream- my first and long-lasting novel. i've been writing this story for almost 6 years.
- about a forbidden love between stepcousins.
- this novel is still running, but i stop for a while to focus on other things

24/7- got stuck in the middle. i focus on other things too.
- about 18 year-old guy who falls in love after his marriage with his 40 year-old bodyguard

The Comet Fate- just got started.
- about a woman in her 20s who wishes for a different life as a comet passes by
end up taking care of a delinquent teenage boy who is mute

Her Last Days- love the title but i never get it started.
- about a Malay teenage girl who happens to have embark troubles at her high
school in USA. she has breast cancer and it spreads to her brain and she ends up
having serious illness all over her body. she's been loved by a guy at the same
school but he argues about her mistakes to others without knowing that she
is dying. she's an orphan, living without love.

(the picture above is drawn by me)

Love Between Cheesecake- my favourite
- about an old miss who lives with her mother in poverty. she passes
a blind date competition held by the family of a very well known guy
in Tokyo for his successful business. she demands for love by her
husband but always gets rejected.



actually, i have other stories too but i totally forgot about those so i just wrote down the novels that i remember. hehe....


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